Full Vinyl Ester Resin

In simple terms, traditional fibreglass pools are made up of the following layers:

  1. Gelcoat colour layer.
  2. Corrosive-resistant vinyl ester resin with fibreglass layer.
  3. Structural polyester resin with fibreglass layer.
  4. Polyester resin finishing layer.

One of the key layers that have been introduced over the last 20 years has been the use of a corrosive resistant vinyl ester layer. Vinyl ester resin is a high-performance resin that provides improved strength and inhibits water penetration into the laminate (commonly referred to as osmosis).

Manufacturers however have only used vinyl ester resin as one layer on the swimming pool, as vinyl ester resin is traditionally double the cost of a polyester resin which is a cheaper resin used to provide bulk to the swimming pool.

Unfortunately, even with this one layer of vinyl ester resin, osmosis has still appeared and swimming pools have failed using this traditional manufacturing method. This may have been because manufacturers attempt to use as little vinyl ester resin as possible given its cost.

Leisure Pools have a patent pending to be the only company able to offer a swimming pool with a full vinyl ester resin construction. Leisure Pools have taken this course of action in order to offer the following amazing benefits:

A swimming pool is something that should last a long time. Customers spend tens of thousands on a swimming pool project and as a result the swimming pool shell must last. Leisure Pools’ patent-pending full vinyl ester resin swimming pool is another key step to ensure that this occurs.