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Pool Technology

The Lagoon Pools Advantage

The single most important component in any swimming pool project is the actual pool shell itself. It is essentially the centre piece for your landscaping and surrounds.

Lagoon Pools are proud to have the South Island Dealership for the Leisure Pools range of Composite Fibreglass Swimming Pools.

Leisure Pools is so confident in their research and development in that they build the world’s best composite pool that they offer a Lifetime Structural Warranty and Lifetime Structural Osmosis Warranty on all of their Swimming Pools. They are the only manufacturer to offer this.

So why are Leisure Pools different to the rest? It comes down to 4 key elements:

  • Patented Composite Armour ™ Core of Strength
  • Patent Pending Full Vinyl Ester Resin Construction
  • Composite Armour™ Step Technology ™
  • Exceptional Quality Control

Patented Composite Armour ™ Core of Strength

Composite Armour
This totally new patented technology in swimming pool manufacturing is designed to significantly reinforce the swimming pool with a strategically integrated laminate consisting of a blend of DuponFM Kevlar®, Carbon Fibre and Bassalt Fibre. We call it our Core of Strength.

These high performance fibres have many applications in cutting edge technology and when combined through Leisure Pools Patented new technology, Composite Armour ™ brings a new level of performance to the production of composite swimming pools. By using Composite Armour™ in the pool shell laminate, they have been able to achieve tremendous improvement in flexural and tensile strength compared with normally constructed fibreglass pools.

Testing shows that a Leisure Pools Composite Armour ™ Full Vinyl Ester Resin Swimming Pool is 111% stronger than a standard fibreglass swimming pool.

Full Vinyl Ester Resin Construction

Full Vinyl Ester Resin Construction
Leisure Pools have a patent pending to be the only company able to offer a swimming pool with a full Vinyl Ester Resin Construction. Allowing Leisure Pools to offer the following amazing benefits:

  • Vinyl Ester Resin construction means improved structural strength over traditional Polyester Resin
  • By constructing all layers after the Gelcoat Colour with Vinyl Ester Resin means a Lifetime Structural Osmosis Warranty

Composite Armour ™ Step Technology ™

Leisure Pools believes that when you step into a swimming pool or sit on a bench in a swimming pool it needs to feel solid, and with the Composite Armour ™ Step Technology ™ step and bench deflection have been reduced providing a “solid” foundation for entry and exit steps compared with normally constructed fibreglass pools.

Exceptional Quality Control

  • Leisure Pools Technical Centre is managed by a Polymer Chemist
  • Leisure Pools batch tests incoming raw materials against bench marked materials
  • Leisure Pools Technical Centre conducts the following tests on each swimming pool:
    • Flexural and Tensile Strength Test
    • Cure Percentage Tests of each Layer
    • Barcol Hardness Testing
    • Boil Testing of Laminates (random samples)
    • Burn Testing of Laminates (random samples)
  • Weighs all materials to ensure correct quantities in each swimming pool
  • Ultra Sonic Thickness Testing ensuring compliance against the Leisure Pools Benchmark

Leisure Pools is the only company to have invested heavily into this level of quality control in order to provide a Lifetime Structural Warranty and to ensure they are at the top of their game in the product that they provide.