Pool Safety

Having a swimming pool in the back yard is a great source of fun and exercise, but it’s essential that you follow proper safety precautions. Adopting a few simple rules will keep you and your loved ones safe, and prevent you from adding to one of the tragic but preventable pool injury statistics that occur every year.

There are several areas in which you can keep your family safe through alertness, preparation, as well as simply having the right equipment.

Keeping Watch

Keeping a watchful eye out and being immediately aware of any danger – especially with children – is a key aspect of pool safety.

Pool Safety Equipment

A huge part of the danger around pools is simply not having the right safety equipment.

Water Safety Skills

It’s essential to know how to swim confidently, as well as how to perform basic lifesaving techniques.

It’s the responsibility of any residential pool owner to ensure they follow basic but essential pool safety regulations. Children in particular need constant attention and supervision, and you should be prepared to act at a moment’s notice if needed to save a life.</strong